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Exclusive Prologue and Chapter One Reveal for Hart Of Country by Kris Nacole Hosted by Jo&Isalovebooks

*** This is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers. This book is not part of a series. ***
Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+ due to some explicit language and mature themes.
Kailyn James is a city girl who decides to move to Butte, Montana for a fresh start after a failed relationship.
Korbin Hart is a true hard-working rodeo cowboy whose life seems to be crumbling around him. A tragic accident throws his life into chaos, but he vows to overcome it all by losing himself in his work at the Hart of Country ranch.
He thinks he has everything under control and is starting to piece his life back together until, Kailyn, a mysterious out-of-town visitor comes to work for him.
Just when he finds his heart is starting to heal, he finds out that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.
Welcome to the Hart of Country Ranch…

Hart of Country
Kris Nacole

This is an unedited preview of Hart of Country. *Material subject to change without notice*
Copyright © 2015 Kris Nacole
All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author or publisher.
You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
       You must not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, brands, media and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to the actual events, locales, and persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

“Miss. Miss, can you hear me?” a deep voice boomed through the darkness and my aching head.
Sirens blared in the distance.
What’s going on?
“Help is coming. Hang in there,” the voice said again as I blinked a few times trying to focus.
I groaned and winced as I touched my face.
Why is my face hurting so much?
I blinked through blurred vision trying to see what was going on. I could barely make out blue and red lights flashing all around me. I was so disoriented and confused. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I knew I was in a lot of pain. I remembered leaving my friend’s wedding reception with Mason to head back to our hotel.
“Don’t move. I’m gonna get you out of there. Just be still and keep your eyes closed,” a firefighter said as he turned to grab a large piece of equipment from another firefighter behind him. “This is gonna be loud. I’m sorry,” he said as the sound of mangled metal being cut apart ripped through my already pounding head.
What is he doing? Am I dreaming?
My vision started to clear, and I saw a group of people standing on the sidewalk. They looked terrified.
I reached over to the driver’s seat. “Mason?” I whispered, barely able to talk. Mason was driving. I did remember that much. “Ouch,” I said as I pulled my hand back and quickly brought it to my face. I had cut my finger on something sharp.
Is that glass?  I thought as I looked over and saw shattered glass everywhere.
I tried to turn my head to see if Mason was okay, but it hurt too much.
“Ma’am. Please stop moving until we can get you checked out. We’re almost there,” the firefighter said as he chomped away at the metal with the large tool he was holding.
Is he using the Jaws of Life? What the hell happened? What’s going on?
I started to panic. My chest tightened as I tried to breathe. My ribs hurt each time I sucked in a breath.
Please, someone tell me what’s going on…
After rubbing my fingertips over my face I brought them in front of me and saw bright red blood covering them. I was bleeding.
The sound of the metal door being pulled away made me jump. Crunching metal, sirens, and my own inner thoughts had my mind reeling.
“Easy now,” the firefighter said as he put a neck brace on me and swiftly cut away my seat belt. With the help of another firefighter, he pulled me out of my seat and carefully placed me on a backboard.
Before I knew it, I was being whisked away and rushed to the back of an ambulance.
I grabbed the medic’s shirt to get his attention. “What happened? Please tell me what happened?” I pleaded, needing answers.
He smiled down at me reassuringly. “You’ve been in a bad car accident, but you’re going to be okay.”
“Wait. Mason. What about Mason?” I asked frantically.
The medic frowned and then turned around to grab supplies to start an IV. He turned back around and finally said, “He will be taken to the hospital as well. You can ask the doctor about him once we arrive.”
Mason was my boyfriend. I needed answers, and I needed them now.
The medic started cutting my dress and placed cold monitoring strips on my skin.
My shoulder-length, blond hair was draped over my shoulder and onto part of my neck and chest. I grabbed it with my hand and could feel it was wet. I held up a lock of hair, so I could see it. My hair was soaked with blood. Seeing all of the blood sent chills down my spine. I needed to know what happened. I needed details.
I tried to sit up. “I need to see Mason. I need to know he’s okay,” I said, pulling the heart monitor stickers off and throwing them down beside of the stretcher.
“Ma’am, it’s too late. We’re already on our way to the hospital. Please calm down,” the medic said as he pushed on both of my shoulders to keep me down. “Look at me,” he said sternly.
I stared up into his eyes and tried to concentrate on my breathing.
“You’re going to be okay, but I need you to calm down before you injure yourself even more. Please just be still,” he said calmly. “I know you’re scared, and you will get the answers you need, just not right now.”
I relaxed my shoulders for a moment and blew out a long breath. The ambulance rushed through the darkness with sirens and lights on full force. The rocking of the ambulance made me nauseous. My vision started to get cloudy again as I blinked trying to focus.
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” the medic asked as he reached into a medical kit beside of him.
“I’m…not…feeling…” I couldn’t even get the words out before I closed my eyes and surrendered to the darkness as it consumed me.
No thoughts.
No sounds.
No pain.
Just darkness.

One Year Later
My life hadn’t been the same since the weekend we’d gone to Montana for the wedding. The accident changed mine and Mason’s lives; and not for the better. We both could’ve died that night, but thankfully we were meant to live.
Being back in Charlotte didn’t feel the same as before the accident. Mason had lost his leg because of it and wasn’t the same person I’d fallen in love with. He was depressed and had no ambition in life anymore. He would stay home and drink himself into oblivion, which is what got him into the situation in the first place. I knew I shouldn’t have let him drive that night. He’d told me he was okay to drive, but I knew better. He’d had a lot to drink at my best friend’s wedding reception, and we should’ve taken a cab back to our hotel.
I walked down the sidewalk to work with a warm cup of coffee in my hand. I looked up into the sky and studied the skyscrapers high above me. This wasn’t my home. I didn’t feel happy here anymore. I missed my real home.
A man in a dark business suit hurried past me almost knocking me over. “Excuse you!” I yelled back at him as I looked down and noticed he’d caused me to spill coffee on my suit jacket.
Ugh, this is going to stain!
Parts of that night were still a blur. I remembered him driving too fast down the winding road. I’d asked him to slow down, but he laughed and told me I worried too much. It was almost midnight and the headlights spilled out over the asphalt as he drove. The last thing I remembered was yelling at him as he crossed the yellow line and then waking up to being pulled out of the mangled car.
Other than Mason losing his leg, we were very lucky to have left the accident with only cuts and bruises. We had our lives. It could’ve been much worse for us. Since we’d been back North Carolina, Mason continued on a downward spiral.
I’d tried everything to get Mason to seek professional help, but he’d refused. As much as I loved him, I couldn’t live like that anymore, so I filed for divorce. He hadn’t even seemed to care. That probably hurt the most. I’d made a decision to go back to Montana and start over. A new beginning was exactly what I’d needed.
“What’s your poison,” the bartender said as she leaned over the counter and shook her breasts in my face as she was wiping down the bar.
I glanced over her shoulder at the row of glass bottles lined on the shelf and pointed to the Jack Daniels on the bottom row.
“A Jack kind of guy. Good choice,” she said as she turned to get a glass and then poured the amber liquid into the glass.
She set the glass in front of me and leaned over the bar again. Her cleavage was pouring over her tank top, and it was hard not to notice. “What’re you doing later?” she asked. “I get off in an hour.” She smiled and licked her lips.
“I’m busy,” I scoffed as I slapped two twenties down onto the counter. “Keep ‘em comin’, darlin’.”
She rolled her eyes and turned to help someone else at the other end of the bar. I watched as she walked away. Her ponytail swished back and forth as she walked and her short shorts hugged her hips and ass perfectly. What the hell was wrong with me? She was practically serving herself to me on a silver platter, and I’d turned her down.
I groaned inwardly as I twisted around on my barstool to watch the band taking the stage. A flash of guilt and envy sparked through me as I watched them play. I used to play the guitar, but not anymore. Not since…
“Are you sure you don’t want to get together after?” the bartender asked as she reached out to touch my arm. She pulled me from my thoughts, and I’d welcomed the distraction…somewhat.
She stared at me with hopes that I’d say yes. However, I couldn’t get past the heavy eye makeup and the lipstick on her teeth as she smiled.
“No thanks. I’m good,” was all I said as I turned my glass up and finished the alcohol in one gulp. “Another please,” I said, sliding my glass to her.
She scoffed and turned to grab the Jack off the shelf. I watched as she poured the drink. I picked up the glass and swirled the alcohol a few times then took a gulp.
“Thanks.” I scrunched my eyes and leaned in to see her name tag more clearly. “Kayla,” I said, raising my glass to her and giving her a nod.
“Jerk,” she whispered as she walked away.
I’d been called many names in my lifetime, and jerk was the most PG rated name I’d had.
I’ll take it.
No matter how hard I’d tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ranch and wonder how I was supposed to run it by myself without my wife by my side. It was her idea to build tiny cabins on the property in order to house women and their children who’d been abused or were homeless and needed a safe place to stay until they could get their feet back on the ground. It was her passion, not mine. I just worked the farm and kept the bills paid. She did the rest.
What the hell am I supposed to do now?
I looked down at the glass in front of me. I knew that drinking wouldn’t take away my pain, but it sure as hell helped numb it for a while. I downed the harsh liquor and winced as it burned my throat and sinuses on the way down. I blew out a breath and covered my mouth with my fist as I swallowed again to get the burning sensation to subside.
I looked at the bartender one last time and contemplated taking her into the storage room, pushing her against the wall, and having my way with her. She stood there practically begging me with her eyes, but a guilt arose in me. I sighed, stood from the stool, and walked out the door, leaving the alcohol and needy bartender behind. It was time for me to go home and wallow in my own self-pity somewhere else.
Maybe next time…


Love Him back is on sale for .99 until Halloween! 

I have five confirmed book signings so far. One in December of this year, and the others for next year. They are all on my website, listed here:

***This is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers. This book is not part of a series.***

Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+ due to some explicit language and mature themes.

After escaping an abusive relationship, Chesney Ward fights to take back control of her life. She longs to leave behind her troubled past, but she craves more than what her small town has to offer.


The Air Force provides the escape she needs.

After arriving at her first duty station, Chesney meets Staff Sergeant Zane Thomas, a Special Forces airman. He is used to exercising control in his life, which she doesn’t mind. However, she has no idea she’s getting more than she bargained for.

Zane thinks no woman could ever make him want to settle down. That is until he meets Chesney, a small-town girl with a big heart. Her Southern accent and honey-brown eyes make him forget how to breathe.

Over time, their lives will change, and they will be forced to part ways.

When Zane reappears many years later, Chesney’s life is turned upside-down. Not only is she faced with sharing a life-altering secret with him, but she is also given a second chance to rekindle what they once had years ago.

Will Chesney be able to love him back to her, or is Zane too broken to be saved?

I grew up reading and enjoying romance novels. My first romance novel that I read was by Danielle Steel and she had me hooked from the first page. I come from a military background so I knew I wanted my first book to be a military romance. Actually, the book Love Him Back is completely different than my original outline. Once I started writing, the book just took a turn and went in a totally different direction. I love the way the love story ended up, though, much more than the way I envisioned it before. My favorite character is Chesney because she is not only on a journey for love, she's on a journey to find herself again. She's just as broken as Zane is when she meets him, and she has to learn how to move on and put her past behind her. She's a very strong woman. 

I am currently working on my second novel Hart of Country that will be releasing in 2016! 

Fun Facts: 
The ending to my book Love Him Back came to me while I was in the shower one day. I literally leapt out of the shower with soap in my hair, grabbed my towel, and ran to the computer to type it out before I forgot it. My eyes were burning from soap in my eyes a few times, but I kept typing.

I had the ending of my book already written before the second half of my book was even written. 

Some of my character names I got off of Share-a-Coke bottles just for fun. :) 

If you want to learn more, you can go to my website at: or 

I'm also on Twitter: @KrisNacole15 

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A Complicated Summer by D.M. Midgley Release Day Blitz

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Book: A complicated Summer Of Love
Series: Complicated Love #3
Author: DM Midgley
Genre: Contemporary
Cover By: Swish Design
Hosted By: Francessca’s Romance Reviews


 photo Ebook Cover_zpsrcnsqhva.jpg

Seven people.
Two couples.
One love triangle.

Annabelle thought that sharing a holiday with her friends would be the perfect way to spend a break. She never would have guessed that it would end with a secret that could threaten her future with Joshua.

Karl vows to win Tracy after telling her that she belongs with him. Can he prove to her that she’s the one and they deserve a chance at happiness?

Brandon, Lily and Maddison are stuck in a love triangle that no one wants. Maddison has secrets of her own, Lily is scared of commitment and wants to enjoy herself, and Brandon is stuck. Stuck between a woman he can’t stop thinking about and a woman that pursues him incessantly.

This isn’t going to be the relaxing, calming, enjoyable summer holiday that these friends thought it might be. This could quite possibly be, a complicated summer of love.

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About The Author

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She lives in England, UK and is married with two children. At the moment she is a stay at home mum whilst her son is still at nursery.

She used to be a blogger for two blogs before writing the Complicated Love Series and she really enjoyed helping other authors whenever she could.
She loves reading and remembers her first book read on her kindle was Little Women and as a kid she loved reading Disney stories, her favourite was peter Pan.
The idea for her debut novel, A Complicated Love came about rather abruptly one night in a dream. she wasn't sure whether she could get it down on paper; however with much needed support by her author friends she has gained motivation and confidence to write her novel, This has greatly helped her inspiration and self-belief to grow. She never expected that one book would result in a series being born.
You can follow her on facebook, goodreads and twitter for all the latest information and future projects.

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Ain't That A Kick by Katia Wildermann Release Day Blitz

Release Blitz

Title: Ain't That a Kick

Series: Drifting Sinners & Wayward Angels #2

Author: Katia Wildermann

Release Date: October 31st, 2015


Cash Jefferson is a costumed panhandler—or as he prefers, performance artist. He spends his evenings on the Las Vegas Strip singing and dancing for tourists. His life revolves around his art and getting laid, but he’s beginning to feel like something’s missing.
Shelby is a runaway, down but not quite out. She came to Vegas with a friend and a plan to hustle tourists out of enough money to survive, but her friend got arrested and she’s been muddling through on her own.
When Shelby meets Cash and his friends, Cash is drawn to her bravery and her beautiful soul. With a little help from her new friends, Shelby starts a sensual new chapter in the story of her life.
Ain’t That a Kick is an erotic love story between an artist and a runaway. Cash’s search for connection and raw beauty has led him to Sin City, the vibrant crux where life, art and sexuality meet. Looking for something more than mere survival, Shelby is ready to find happiness and healing in the cracks between the broken pieces of her life.

Buy Links:

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    Mad season#1 


Being caught—literally—between her nerdy neighbor and the MMA fighter her agency managed wasn't as bad as Lyla might have expected. That is, if she'd ever expected to be in this situation.

Lyla Mason knows she'll have her hands full when her boss assigns her to babysit Callum Reed, MMA fighter and her PR agency's latest client. He is used to getting his way, and hotter than hell, both in the cage and in the bedroom, or on the floor, in the elevator.... Social media sites are rife with photos of him in compromising situations, and she's been tasked with cleaning up his image before he launches into the most important season of his career.

Game designer Adam Rhodes has been trying to figure out how to get in Lyla's pants ever since she moved in a year ago. His apartment shares a paper-thin wall with hers, and hearing her make use of her vibrator on a nearly nightly basis has his firm attention. Her rack and rockin' body is totally worth putting his PS4 controller down for. She'd totally freak out if she knew he'd hacked into her webcam so he could watch....

Callum Reed never expected to clean up his wicked ways, but his trainer insists he'll never get good sponsors if he keeps sexting to barfly hookups and having his junk turn up on the internet. He resisted the whole idea of letting a PR Agency dictate his "brand" until he catches sight of Lyla. She may hide behind her glasses and power suits, but she is a sex kitten just waiting to be set free.

When Lyla and her bosses decide Callum needs to lay low while they start the image makeover process, Cal rents the apartment across the hall from Lyla. Little did anyone know that a simple change of address would throw gasoline on a smoldering fire.

Buy Links:Amazon US  ~ Amazon UK

Author Bio:

My name is Katia Wildermann. I'm not real. I'm the alter ego for an author who prefers to keep her smutty work separate from her sweeter work. I call what I write dirty-sweet, blunt erotica. Try it. I think you'll like it.

I've started a series of standalone novellas set in Las Vegas: Drifting Sinners & Wayward Angels. I gave it that title because Las Vegas is often referred to as Sin City, full of wicked lost souls. As far as I'm concerned, Wicked doesn't equal Evil. Many so-called sinners are people who are just out to have a good time. They live in the moment, for the moment. Their lives aren't perfect, but they're not trying to hurt anyone. They just want to feel good.

They are choosing to laugh with the sinners rather than cry with the saints. Who am I to say that's wrong?

Author Links:

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Whiskey nights by Fabiola Francisco Blog Tour

whiskey nights.jpg

Full WN.png

Synopsis round.jpg

One kiss. That’s all it takes to captivate me. Although I fight the emotions that surge through me when I feel his lips touch mine, I am too far gone. It’s impossible to hide from the truth; Jake sparks a fire that burns life into me.

Our passion ignites the southern nights, but when our wishes for the future put us on separate paths, I am forced to imagine a life without One kiss. That’s all it takes to captivate me. Although I fight the emotions that surge through me when I feel his lips touch mine, I am too far gone. It’s impossible to hide from the truth; Jake sparks a fire that burns life into me.

Our passion ignites the southern nights, but when our wishes for the future put us on separate paths, I am forced to imagine a life without him. Fun whiskey nights turn into emotional whiskey escapes as I find myself alone and questioning what I truly want out of life—settling for less than perfect to acquire a life I imagined or chasing my happiness and giving up part of my dreams.

**This book is a standalone novel featuring characters that were introduced in Sweet on Wilde.**

BTB Round.jpg

Excper round.jpg

“What’s in the past is in the past,” I say tracing the number 31 that is part of his tattoo. I analyze the separate designs that come together perfectly from his shoulder down his arm a few inches—not quite a sleeve but more than a shoulder cap. The 31 is in the center of a football, clearly reminiscent of the years he played in high school.  He also has the A for his alma mater in between the shading that surrounds the different images. The word Bama is weaved in there along with some antlers.
“Hunting?” I ask curious about that part of his tattoo.
“Yeah. Wish I had more time to hunt these days, it was my favorite bonding activity with my dad.”
I laugh at this. The irony isn’t missed. “And I’m a vegetarian. We make quite the match, Jacob Green.”
“We do, Beth Brooks, despite the food you eat or my recreational activities.” Jake rolls over and pins my body with his. “Are you ready for me to prove to you just how great a match we are?” His lips begin to tease my skin, roaming from my neck to my shoulder and down to my breasts, taking a nipple between his lips and licking it deliciously before gently sucking it into a peak. He moves to the other one, performing the same tantalizing torture that sends waves of pleasure all the way down to my toes.
“You’re off to a great start in proving this to me,” I moan as his tongue swirls around my breasts and he gently bites my tender skin.
“Good.” He slides back up to face me and kisses me ardently. His tongue slides into my mouth effortlessly as his mouth possesses mine with his desire. The sweat builds between us and I want to feel his cock thrusting in me the way his tongue is. I lift my hips in a silent plea and he chuckles.
“All in good time baby,” Jake whispers before he continues his seduction of my mouth. I return the kiss with as much fervor, wanton desire taking over my body and my hips move of their own accord against his, hoping to feel a small teasing from the tip of his erection.
“Fuck,” he growls into my mouth and I smile.
“Sorry. I can’t control myself.” I look at his beautiful face clouded with need. His eyes stare down at me, darkened.
“You make it extremely difficult for me to control myself and not plunge into you and claim you.”
My heart accelerates, and I am consumed by all things Jake and this need to be claimed by him. “Do it. Now,” I demand.

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Whiskey Nights lake teaser.jpg

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Lies & Lullabies by Sarina Bowen RELEASE BLITZ

  Summer nights and star-crossed lovers! From USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen. Once upon a time, he gave me a summer of friendship...