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“Actually, I’ve been thinking.” She squinted in the bright sunlight, attempting to get a fix on his mood.
He remained solidly in one place with his darkened shades over his eyes while the hard slabs of his pectorals and the firm ridges of his washboard abs glistened like a shiny new sports car. A model built for supersonic speed and ultimate comfort, one she could drive for miles and miles. Lord, he made a girl think wicked thoughts.
“I can pretty much guarantee I won’t like whatever it is you’re thinking,” he drawled.
So you say. She bit her bottom lip to prevent a giggle from escaping. The absolute last thing she needed was for him to discover how he affected her. It was bad enough he watched her constantly: those knowing bedroom eyes analyzed her every move, anticipated her reaction before she even had the opportunity to act. Not to mention how his big body crowded hers, not more than a hair’s width between them. She couldn’t move without creating so much friction that she was sure a fire would spark. The man was a mountain and no one moved a mountain.
“I need a night out.”
She fully expected his disagreement, she just didn’t think it would take exactly half a second for him to voice it. Not yet deterred, she tried again.
“I’ll even let you come along.”
He didn’t immediately respond and she mentally crossed her fingers and toes that he would at least consider her request. Several more seconds passed and still he lay silent, his magnificent body soaking up the sunrays. Waves moved the water closer to the shore as she tried her best to wait him out. A classroom full of twelve-year-olds prepared her for confrontation; she could hold her ground in an earthquake if need be. Yet, the six foot plus giant refused to move and although it make take brute strength, she practiced great restraint from dumping him from the lounger and burying him in the sand.
Finally, impatience pushed her to reach the short distance between them to poke his rump roast of an arm with one finger.
“Hello? Are you even alive?”
His lips split into a panty-dampening smirk and he released a low chuckle. She gave an involuntary shudder and reminded herself she was annoyed.
“My answer stands. Especially after today.”
“I don’t need your permission.”
“No, you don’t.” He peered over the top of his lenses, his expression still shaped by that intimidating air of breath-stealing sexy male. “But mark my words, if you even attempt to cross me you won’t like the consequences.”
Her temper flared and urged her to cross him, partly to show him she wouldn’t allow his control, but mostly to discover those consequences.
She let a slow grin separate her lips. “What would you do, Ryker? Handcuff me to your side?” She moved her finger in lazy circles on his skin. “Or lock me in the house? You forget I deal with mischievous children daily. I can take you, soldier.”
Before she could bask in the confidence of her own ultimatum, one large heavy arm shot from his side, pulled her from the lounger, and rolled her on top of his solid, muscled body. She fought to breathe past the shock, her breasts pressing against the hot, hard wall of his chest with each labored movement.
“Now,” he said as he moved his hands to her hips, “let’s get something straight. If I cuff you anywhere, it won’t be to my body and I damn sure won’t lock you in the house.” He lifted his hips and the hard length of him settled between her legs. “No, I’ll lock the whole world outside, cuff you to my bed, and show you just how mischievous I am.”


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