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COVER REVEAL Billionaire Undone By J.S. Scott

Billionaire Undone After four years of working for “the billionaire boss from hell” Ally Caldwell thinks she finally has her life on the right track.  Her fiancĂ© isout of dental school, ready togo to work at a thriving practice, and it would finally be her turn to go back and finish her college degree.  Unfortunately, her carefully planned future crumbles when she finds out that her fiancĂ©, the man she’d nearly killed herself to help get through school, has been cheating on her.  With her wedding looming in the near future, Ally’s blindsided, realizing she’d never even knew the man she’d been planning to marry.Suddenly, her carefully organized life is turned upside down, and not one single thing is turning out the way it was supposed to happen. Even her boss, Travis the Tyrant, is beginning to act differently, throwing Ally into an even more confused and chaotic state of mind.  Travis, the one man who she’d always counted on to be a jerk,was now the guy who actually steps up to try and…

ISALOVESBOOKS: Review of The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself By Ni...

ISALOVESBOOKS: Review of The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself By Ni...: The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself by Nicholas Tanek My rating: 5 of 5 stars Sometimes in our lives, amazing things happen to us, things t...

A Firefighter's Flame By Dani Hart BOOK TOUR

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If you dig into the deepest parts of your soul, what would you find? Happiness, pain, love, regret, peace, sorrow? Now imagine experiencing all those feelings at once and then nothing at all. These were the average days in the life of Lennox. An unhealthy and unstable mind is further challenged when fate intervenes. One tragic moment will test her wavering strength and leave a permanent scar on her conscience. Follow her journey of rediscovery, falling in love, and searching for her own fairy-tale ending.


There was a time in my life when the light within me shined so brightly. At some point I lost it. I lost me. Life used to course through my veins like an out of control wildfire, unstoppable and infectious. Time was supposed to heal, but all it did was slowly strip me down t…

ISALOVESBOOKS: Review of The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself By Nicholas Tanek

The Rise and Fall Of Empire By John Dawson Jackson

The Rise and Fall of Empire by John Dawson Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 STARS!!!

I was gifted a copy by the Author in exchange of an honest review.

What first attracted me to this book was actually the Author autobiography, I though if someone can come up with something so incredible when describing himself then certainly his books will be written with the same avidity.
Well I wasn't wrong,  this book is very special, I must confess I haven't read much in this genre for a while and I was somehow hesitant to not being able to engage myself in the story, however even from the dedication i was totally hooked.

The Rise and Fall of Empire follows ML character Jason Silver a high school senior who may I add its a bit of an alfa male and totally wins your hart ( and the hart of many) within the first few chapters, a hilariously funny guy who in reality is quite bright but has not yet found a motivation in his life, however there is an ancient evil looming over the city and sudde…

My Review Of Dark Love By Olivia Howe

Dark Love by Olivia Howe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am very privileged to have come across this book, Dark Love is the perfect paranormal romance read, it contains all the essential ingredients to make this indeed a very entertaining story, however what amazes me the most is the writer; Olivia Howe is an independent author, she is only 19 years old and has managed to captivate me with her style of writing, there is definitely a lot of talent; For Olivia is paramount to let the readers know that before writing this book she had been struggling with severe depression and anxiety, and writing Dark Love was a healing ingredient to overcome this illness, she is not afraid to expose that about herself, on the contrary she embraces that fact and has included this very delicate topic as part of her story, the lead character Nina is recovering from the same illness after the death of her father.

From the very first page we are drawn into the plot, 2 sisters who share a powerful bond and are des…

Emily R Pearson MOVING FORWARD Release Blitz

When her past comes back to haunt her, will the promise of a future be enough to keep her moving forward?


Six years ago a monster broke Ava Monroe's soul. She was left with nothing but an empty house and no reason to live. In starting a new life in a new city she finds the strength to carry on, but can she ever erase the demons of her past?

When an act of fate brings Seth into her life, they'll attempt to discover the truth about their tainted pasts. But Seth Carter has a secret; one even he doesn't know exists.

Will Ava's connection with Seth be enough to lift her up, or will it destroy what little she has left?

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J.S. SCOTT A Dangerous Hunger COVER REVEAL!!!!

Dr. Talia Maris had lived her entire life as a freak—a too tall, too plain, too odd a woman who sees and senses the presence of otherworldly entities.A total recluse, Talia spends all of her time on her research, living a contented, quiet life with only her loyal feline companion for company.Until that sedate existence comes crashing down around her when she starts being pursued by demon Evils.And if there’s one thing she hates…it’s demons.She ditches every one of them until Sentinel demon, Drew Winston, finally wins the game of pursuit by trapping her with a deceitful, underhanded trick.Not only is she infuriated by Drew’s stunt, but when he tells her she’s his mate, Talia wonders if the too handsome, too tall, too sexy Sentinel demon needs some serious psychological help.All she wants is to get rid of Drew as quickly as possible! But the stubborn Irishman isn’t budging, and her resistance slowly crumbles as she gets pulled deeper and deeper into the world of the Sentinels by the relentless…

Review of The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself By Nicholas Tanek

The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself by Nicholas Tanek
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes in our lives, amazing things happen to us, things that don't come often, things that stay with us forever, things that change us unexpectedly in an unexplainable way; for me it was reading The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself.

When I came across this book, I was obviously taken aback by its title, I thought, hold on a minute that can't be right, then I read the description and slowly things made sense, I immediately wanted to know more about this story, I was absolutely captivated so I purchased the book, however, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible journey which I was going to be transported into.

Nicholas Tanek has written this book for "Lynn", the love of his life who unfortunately passed away in 2012, but, in order to do that, he has to take us through a trip down memory lane from the first time they met, this may I add, is no easy task, Nicholas has to go back to the e…