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Incredible You Author: Lili Valente Release Date:October 25th 2016 Genre: Contemporary Romance
From the USA Today Bestselling author of Magnificent Bastard comes a sexy, flirty, dirty standalone…on ice.
They say Jake “The Dragon” Falcone earned his nickname by setting fire to the ice his first season in the NHL. But just between us ladies, I’m pretty sure he earned it for the dragon in his pants.
Lord have f*cking mercy, but the man’s been given a gift. (And I’ve heard he knows exactly how to use it.) From my first hug as his fake girlfriend, it’s clear he’s packing below the belt. After a few fake dates I realize he’s packing…everywhere.
Heart, brains, sex-vibe, and the ability to make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants—Jake is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.
He’s also my client and OFF LIMITS. Oh, and he has an ex who’s completely crazy and out for my blood.
I should steer clear, and I would, if my dragon weren’t so completely incredible…
The name sounded like a joke. Who in his right mind wants a “Miraculous Mess” running damage control on his f*cked up love life?
Well…me, it turns out.
By the time I leave her apartment on day one, I’m halfway gone on Shane “Miraculous Mess” Willoughby. By the end of our first date, I know my life won’t be complete until I’ve had this beautiful, sexy, perfectly wild woman in every filthy way I’ve imagined since our first kiss.
I want her, all of her, from the smart mouth that makes me smile to the wounded heart I know I can heal. If she’ll let me.
Can a Madison Avenue princess and a dragon from the wrong side of the tracks live happily ever after?
If I have my way, the world is about to find out.
Warning: Incredible You is a sexy, standalone romantic comedy told from BOTH the hero and the heroine's point of view. No cliffhanger. Lots of hot steamy sexy times, laugh out loud textual healing, and an aw-out-loud happily ever after.
Magnificent Bastard Cover
“You’re not a klutz,” I say, guiding her closer. “I love the way you move.”
“Yeah?” She bites her lip, bringing to mind that list of bitable body parts I hope to be getting from her later.
“Yeah,” I say, my gaze fixed on her sexy mouth. “I could watch you walk across a room all day long. Just the way your hips shift beneath your clothes drives me crazy.”
“Real life crazy,” she says softly.
“Real life crazy,” I confirm. “So crazy that on the way up in that elevator, it was all I could do not to flip the emergency switch.”
Her lashes sweep down and back up, heat flickering in her eyes. “And what would you have done after you flipped the switch, dragon?”
“I would have kissed you, princess.” I don’t bother to hide the hunger in my voice. “I would have pushed you up against the wall and kissed every part of you not covered by that sexy as fuck dress. And then I would have gone after the covered parts, just to see how far you would let me go before you told me to stop.”
“And what if I didn’t tell you to stop?” Her tongue sweeps across her lips and my cock jerks hard in my pants, losing the battle against what this woman does to me.
“Then I guess our first time would have been in an elevator.” I pull her closer, jaw clenching as her stomach presses against where I’m hard enough to slay dragons with my cock.
“Good God,” she mutters, her breath rushing out with this sexy little moan that destroys the last of my self-restraint.
“I would have had you up against the wall,” I say, speaking low so my words are for her and no one else. “But first, I would have made you come, princess. On my fingers, my mouth, my tongue. I’ve been dreaming about fucking you with my tongue since I left your apartment that first afternoon.”
“Me, too,” she whispers, arching closer. “But you have to stop.”
“No, I wouldn’t have stopped,” I promise, deliberately misunderstanding her, because I need to make that blush staining her cheeks spread across her entire body. “I wouldn’t have stopped until you were completely fucking useless, Willoughby. Until you’d come so hard your knees were weak and I had to carry you out of the elevator.”
“Jake, I—”
“But I wouldn’t have carried you into the party,” I push on. “I would have hit the ground floor button, carried your fine ass straight into a cab, and told the driver to break every traffic law required to get us to my place in five minutes. Because I wouldn’t have been able to wait more than five minutes to have you, to be inside of you.”
She trembles against me as her forehead falls to rest against my shoulder. “This is so wrong. So wrong.”
“No, it’s not,” I insist. “It’s the rightest thing I’ve felt in so damned long. And as long as you want me, too, I don’t—”
“Oh, I do.” Her words send a fierce wave of relief rushing through me. “I want you, Jake. I want you so much I can barely think of anything else.”
“And I want you. I want to be inside you so fucking bad, princess,” I whisper, my balls aching miserably between my legs. “I want to feel you come on me. I want you naked and wet and—”
“Screw the pictures.” Her breath rushes out as she grabs a fistful of my shirt and pulls me to a stop at the edge of the dance floor, her eyes hungry and wild. “I need to be alone with you, Falcone. Right fucking now.”
And that’s all I fucking need to hear.
Without another word, I wrap my arm around her waist and aim us both toward the cocktail lounge.
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Meet the Author: Lili Valente has slept under the stars in Greece, eaten dinner at midnight with French men who couldn't be trusted to keep their mouths on their food, and walked alone through Munich's red light district after dark and lived to tell the tale.
These days you can find her writing in a tent beside the sea, drinking coconut water and thinking delightfully dirty thoughts.

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Incredible YouIncredible You by Lili Valente
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 *s

Shane Willoughby is asked by Bash to help with a case at MBC. Ice Hockey's royalty, Jake Falcone's ex girlfriend is accusing him of assault. They need to perceive to the public, and more importantly the ex Keri, that Jake is crazy about Shane and this will give her closure. They hit it off from a rocky opening, and it isn't long before things go from fake to real.

Shane is one sassy, smart and funny character. She has had some very tough hurdles to jump but it has matured her into a beautiful woman because she lives her life to the fullest. Jake is every girls swoon worthy sporting hero. He would take a bullet to protect the one he loves. He has not had the best choices in girlfriends previously but luck was on his side the day he walked into Shane's garden. Even though coming from different walks of life, they have a lot in common and their relationship develops at a fast pace. Together they need to remedy his image problem and other obstacles before they can reach their HEA.

This is the first book I have read of Lili Valente's and it has made me want to go and hunt down more - especially the first two books in this series - which are all standalones. I enjoyed the humor between these two - Lili is very clever in not going over board and hitting the mark spot on. There is also some suspense and sadness to give this book a rounded appeal. It has made me question getting another dog, as I want to use one of Shane's suggested names! And like Shane and Jake, I won't look at another piece of underwear the same. Also, I love a good epilogue, I need to know all the details for a perfect ending, and this was good for me.

If you are starting with this book for the series, you won't be lost at all, as there is enough background to understand the other characters from the first books. But I bet you are going to seek them out like me. Plus I get the feeling there is another being set up with Nate and Addie.

Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar

Incredible YouIncredible You by Lili Valente
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredible You by Lili Valente

I don't like to play favorites but when I realized Valente was going to serve up my perfect combination of book tropes (RomCom and Sports), I had a feeling this would be my favorite Bastard book yet. And guess what? It totally is. This book had me riveted from the word go and I couldn't put it down till the end.

We have the delectable Jake, NY Rangers hockey player who needs a miracle to help him out of his current predicament involving one psychotic ex-girlfriend. He approaches Magnificent Bastard Consulting (MBC) to help him with a fake girlfriend and is paired with Shane, the Miraculous Mess. Shane, a vet at heart, runs her late aunts charity and is nursing deep wounds of her own.

You could practically feel the sparks scorching the pages from Jake and Shane's initial meeting and they. did. not. stop. There was plenty of heat and humor in this book -with a bit of suspense thrown in -to keep me heavily invested, but what I loved most was that although everything happened so quickly between Jake and Shane, you could still feel the love between them and it was very romantic and sweet. I love that Valente gave us two epilogues because I'm greedy like that, but also because I LOVED that extra glimpse of the future!

After meeting Addie, I was fully prepared to write the author an email begging for her story, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary because frankly, I cannot wait for it! All of the books in this series are complete standalones and I recommend every one of them.

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda for Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.

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Incredible YouIncredible You by Lili Valente
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****4.5 Incredible Stars*****

Incredible you by Lili Valente was a little slice of awesome.
This is the first book I've ever read by Valente, but I found myself yearning for more-so Amazon, here I come!

I didn't know what to expect going into this little gem. But what I found was a solid story, filled with rich characters, witty dialogue and a relationship between two people, albeit fast paced, but no less genuine. Jake and Shane are quite lovely together. Even though they got off on the wrong foot, they found their way to each other rather quickly, but it felt like a natural flow and it worked really well.

Jake is a hot shot hockey player, playing for one of the NHL's best teams, the New York Rangers. He's worked hard for his spot in the line up and couldn't love the sport more. Now, he's had his fair share of women, some one nighters, some celebrities-and he's also drawn in less desirable women, like his EX, who is pretty much certifiable. Having been placed in a horrible predicament, Jake is desperate to find someone able to help him through his precarious situation.

Enter Shane. Yes, lovely female Shane. Strong, stoic, funny Shane. From the get-go I was drawn to her courage, her rough around the edges attitude, even though she is part of the wealthier boroughs of New York and may or may not come with debutant status, she is down to earth, loyal and so genuine I felt it coming off the page. She's had a rough go of it as well, so finding a kindred spirit in Jake made falling for him a little bit easier. It obviously helped that's he's hot, a professional hockey player and carries the nickname of, "The Dragon!" And it is not because of his fire breath-if you catch my drift!

I really enjoyed the read. The flow worked so well for me. I loved the two epilogues and the text dialogue in between. It helped in weaning out the dialogue you need but don't always want to wade through. I found it quite perfect!

Onto the next Valente for me!

*arc received in exchange for an honest review*

***Reviewed by Jess for Joandisalovebooks blog***

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