So this past Monday started out as any other crazy busy Monday. 
After the Easter break we knew it was going to be specially manic. Joanne and I started arranging posts on Facebook, building the posts on blogger and shared the news of a promotional blitz we had been hired to organise, you know how it is busy busy with no time to stop. Eventually, after a couple of hours into our work day I had made it through almost all email messages, there was just one more to check. At first, I thought it was a marketing site, as the subject line read "Featuring your blog in our Top UK Book blogs post", thankfully I clicked on it.  The message was from the founder of Feedspot, and on the email they were informing us we were featured in their latest list of the top 100 UK book blogs. 

I have to be honest and say, at first, I was like oh that is very cool, let me make a post on FB and surprise Joanne with it but then things kind of slowly started to make sense and realisation suddenly hit us, the enormity of what an honour of being on this list truly signifies for us, and how incredibly amazing to be there is for us as bloggers. 

Joanne and I have been blogging for over three years and we have loved every minute of it. Of course, as with everything in life, we have had our ups and downs, but I would like to think we have had more ups than downs and whenever we have found ourselves on the lower side of the scale, we have tried to learn from our mistakes, get the good out of the bad and not look back with regrets. I would like to believe this has helped us become who we are today and allowed us to grow within the blogging community. 

We have been extremely lucky to surround ourselves with the best review team. Those girls do know how to truly dedicate their time to the authors they love and are unbelievable reading machines!. Our review manager, Melinda Lazar is a treasure, having her running the team has allowed us to dedicate our time on the promotion side of the business. 

Blogging is not easy. Blogging equates to hours upon hours of working across all social media venues and for us who work in the UK, this means longer hours so we can be in the KNOW of the trends and tropes within the book world. We need to make sure the Authors we promote are placed within their niche, that their brand reaches the corresponding market and that fans and readers are well informed of their latest book news. 
Ultimately for Jo and I, blogging is a passion, we love it and that is why we are here. 
What started as a hobby has now become our lives and receiving recognition for it, is just something that makes it all worthwhile. 

So as you can see, yesterday was one of the happiest days for us and we want to thank everyone who has been a constant supporter of our blog and pages. We truly couldn’t be here without any of you. 
We hope we can keep climbing this list and one day be the best there is. 




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