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Hiding By N.M. Catalano RELEASE DAY BLITZ

HIDING by N.M. Catalano
Publishing:  February 14, 2017 – No Pre-Order
Romantic Erotica Suspense

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I had rules.  They protected the fortress of my darkness.  
My secrets.  
I allowed myself certain distractions, but nothing permanent.  
It wasn’t allowed.  
If I slipped, then I’d fall.
That was one thing I couldn’t afford.
Until her.
She was secrets wrapped up in a challenge.  Tied with a big bow of sensuality.
I was about to take the biggest fall of my life.

I’d found complacency in my nightmare.
A comfort in normalcy.
I was surviving.
It sucked, but I was safe.
Until he crashed into my world.
He had secrets.
Lots of them.
He wasn’t the good guy.
But was he what I needed?

She's hiding from her future.
He's running from his past.
When they collide it's explosive.
Danger is a persistent predator.
It seeks until it finds.
There is no past, and no future.
There is only now, and right now danger is coming.
You can run, but you can never hide.


When we pull into the driveway at my house, I can hear the blood whooshing in my ears as the thud, thud, thud of my pounding heart bounced against my chest.  
Rico gets out of the car and walks around to my side.
My palms are sweating.
Am I going to let this happen?
“This is a beautiful car,” I mutter when the door swings open.
He gives me a half-cocked grin.  “Thanks.”
He holds his hand out for me to take.
Do I want this to happen?
Placing my hand in his, the surge of sexual tension sparks between us again, just like when he had his hand on my back leading me to the table.  I lift my eyes to meet his.  All traces of humor are gone.  I suck in a breath.
This man is fierce.
This man is powerful.
This man takes what he wants.
He’s the hunter, and I’m the hunted.
And for the first time in so long, this is exactly where I want to be.
Am I even going to be able to do this?!
I lift myself from the car, never breaking the heated look between us, and let him lead me to the door.
He’s going to kiss me!  
The world is gone.
Time has stopped.
Every move he makes is precise and focused.  
He lifts his hands to tuck my hair behind my ears, then slowly traces his thumb across my cheek, down to my upper lip, and lightly glides it across the ridge.  
My lids dip.  
God, that feels so good.  It’s been so long…
His other hand cups my cheek and holds me firmly.  An avalanche of emotions crashes down on me.  The floodgates of all my pent-up desires are destroyed leaving me open and vulnerable.  Open to whatever road this is going to take me.
His hand moves behind my neck as he lowers his face a breath away from mine.  He’s so close, I can almost feel his lips on mine.  The first touch is light like a feather.  Just a gentle brush over mine.  
I start to melt.
The next one is tender, a soft kiss at the corner of my mouth.
A heavy breath escapes me.
His grip tightens at the back of my neck.
I moan.  Soft, but needy.
Another gentle kiss at the other corner.
My lips part asking for more.
He glides his tongue over my lips.
My body presses into his.
All my reservations, all my fears and inhibitions, are gone.
So good, so, so good…
He closes his mouth over mine as his tongue sweeps against mine, stroking, caressing, dancing slowly, savoring.  Tempting me with a promise for more.
Fires burn inside me, instantly turning the tenderness into a raging inferno.
I lift my arms and wrap them around his neck, pulling him closer, hungry and fierce.  I need to feel him against me, I want him inside me, close is nowhere near close enough.
He turns us and pushes my back against the brick wall.
Yes, yes, YES.  More, I need more…  
He takes my bottom lip between his teeth and bites it, the sensation just shy of painful.  I dig my nails into his scalp and grind his mouth into mine.  A low rumble sounds from his chest and vibrates against my body as he pushes the entire length of his against me.  My body answers his, rubbing against his hard shaft.  
I’m pushing him to his limits.  
He pushes me harder into the stone wall as his fist tangles tightly in my hair.  
I drag my nails down his back.
He sucks my tongue deep into his mouth.  
I moan again, long and guttural.
His mouth travels down my neck.
“This is just a taste, kitten, of how you need to be kissed,” he whispers huskily against my neck.
Yes, just like this!
I’m panting, breathless, delirious and hungry for more.
His hands slow their movements against my body.  I try to rein in the need he’s unleashed from within me.  We stand like that, pressed against each other for a long moment, coming down, pulling in our primitive beasts.
“You should go in now…”
“I should,” I whisper back.
Both of us don’t move, unable to break the hold over us.
Slowly we begin to separate.
“Until our next date,” he kisses me lightly once more.
I stare into his eyes.  I could drown in their intensity.  And come out renewed.  
As I straighten and turn to unlock the door, he pushes my hair to the side and places one last kiss at the curve of my neck.  
My body trembles.
I don’t want him to leave.  
As the door clicks shut behind me, I lean against it, and feel my heart beating inside me.

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