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BREATHE by N.M. Catalano
Publishing:  November 16th – No Pre-Order
Romantic Erotica Suspense, Dark Erotica, Contemporary Women’s


“Incredibly hot... get ready for a wild, action-packed ride. Hold on to your ass!”
“GOOD GOD!  Hose me down!”
“OMG!!  I loved it!!”
“Breathe will take you on a white knuckle, roller coaster ride through the final chapter!”
“OMG!  So naughty, and sexy, and beautiful!!!”
Hell is ruled by a queen.
She wears stilettos like a boss, fishnets like a porn star, and carries weapons like makeup.
She crashed into my life at the absolute worst time, because life’s a bitch like that.  But there’s no way I’m letting her leave.
She’s bat-shit crazy, and she’s mine.  
Correction, she’s ours.  Because I’m not sure how long I can give her.
But she belongs to us now.
The bad guys are coming, not only for all of us, but for her too.
Her situation I can deal with, it’s our mess that’s the problem.
I just have to keep her out of trouble long enough to fix it.
How do you tame the Queen Of Hell?
You save her.
That’s what I’m doing.

I have rules.
  1. Don’t get attached.
  2. Wear the right heels.
  3. Don’t.  Trust.  Anyone.
That all went to hell when my life collided with the men of The Program.  
It seems if one isn’t threatening me, the other wants to save me.
Everything was fine.  Until it wasn’t.  
I used to have control.  When Snake got a hold of me, it seemed control took a permanent vacation with no forwarding number.  
That’s just fine.  He’s handed me carte blanche to use him.  I’ll use him alright, I’ll let him think he’s the knight in shining armor riding in to save me.  
Beware Snake Priest, the Queen Of Hell will always burn the Priest.

**18+, very strong sexual content, very strong language, MFM, MMF, MFFM, MM. Suspense, a bit dark, a tad twisted, and absolutely intended for mature audiences**

“Getting Ready” Teaser BREATHE, Book 2 in The Program Series
I have no defenses to what's between us, all three of us.  It's potent and all consuming.  My mind wraps around the fact we're bringing Raven into this maelstrom of emotion and hunger and dirty, filthy, intense lust.  
Whether she wants to or not.  
"Soon Raven will be with us," Summer murmurs.
The fire and brimstone Raven infused me with from our kiss engulfs me once again burning through my veins.  She's infected me with her, all of her, her evil, her beauty, her defiance and strength, and her weaknesses and need.  She's in me, there's no denying it.
I bend and cup the back of Summer’s head and kiss her.  She smells like us, covered in our cum.  She’s sweet and addicting, and one taste is never enough.
“Get your ass on the bed.  Play with yourself.”  My voice is rough.
Her nostrils flare as her eyes go wide.  A smile lifts her lips as she stands and goes into the other room to take her place on the mattress and get in position.
Rock laughs behind me as we follow her into the bedroom.  She’s right in the middle of the king sized bed, legs bent and knees open as she circles and plucks her greedy clit with her fingers.  She’s mewling like a hungry little kitten.  Rock and I take off our clothes as we watch her squirming in front of us.  With our hands working our cocks, we approach her.
I reach for the lube already on the bed, the wicked woman was prepared and had it waiting, and coat my shaft with it.  “Pull those knees up, Tinkerbell.  I’m going to get that tight hole ready.”
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