Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Billionaire Unknown~BLAKE The Billionaire Unknow

What about a little taste of Billionaire Unknown to spice up your Monday?
She’d needed something to sleep in. I’d given her my T-shirt. That was a fucking mistake. Too much skin. Too many fantasies. Too many times I’d laid here and thought about those shapely bare legs wrapped around my waist as she shuddered in climax.
I needed to fuck Harper something fierce, but I was determined to ignore it. However, my brain was refusing to let the attraction go, and my cock was a total fail. I was as hard as a rock, even though her naked limbs were now covered with blankets. But holy hell, I could still picture them in my mind. Was she thinking about me at all? For all I knew, she was sleeping.
“Are you awake?” she whispered softly. Ignore it, Colter. Don’t answer. Act like you’re sleeping. “Yeah,” I answered recklessly. “Can I move closer to you?” she asked in a pleading voice.
She was still scared, and still stuck in Denver. She was vulnerable, and I knew I should just be here to talk to her. But something inside me wouldn’t let it end there. “Come here,” I requested firmly, opening my arms so I could hold her. She scooted closer, and to my surprise, she swung one leg over my hips and clung to me like I was her shelter in the storm.
Her head rested on my chest, and her arms wrapped around my shoulders, her body plastered full-length down my side. Her leg was just north of one very hard dick, and as I wrapped my arms around her shivering body, all I fucking wanted was to make her happy again.
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