The Rise and Fall Of Empire By John Dawson Jackson

The Rise and Fall of EmpireThe Rise and Fall of Empire by John Dawson Jackson
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5 STARS!!!

I was gifted a copy by the Author in exchange of an honest review.

What first attracted me to this book was actually the Author autobiography, I though if someone can come up with something so incredible when describing himself then certainly his books will be written with the same avidity.
Well I wasn't wrong,  this book is very special, I must confess I haven't read much in this genre for a while and I was somehow hesitant to not being able to engage myself in the story, however even from the dedication i was totally hooked.

The Rise and Fall of Empire follows ML character Jason Silver a high school senior who may I add its a bit of an alfa male and totally wins your hart ( and the hart of many) within the first few chapters, a hilariously funny guy who in reality is quite bright but has not yet found a motivation in his life, however there is an ancient evil looming over the city and suddenly takes shape in the form of Jason's best friend, after this there is pandemonium all over as the dead toll arises whilst the town begins to fall, Jason is then presented with an opportunity to use his "hidden" skills and perhaps save the day. There is an incredible amount of twist and turns, is full on action packed,  and witty dialogues aplenty, people are not what they seem, there are zombies,  assassins,  plus all the other secondary characters which together are a great complement to the story.

John writes with such eagerness, devotion and passion, that it makes it easy for the reader to submerge themselves in the plot.
I would like to add that there is plenty of romance in this story, but because of the pace and energy of the dialogue it is apt for both male and female readers.

I cannot wait for the next part, and yes hands up I  have found my new book boyfriend so PLEASE don't make me wait too long for more JASON!!!

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