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Coming Home by Stacey Johnston COVER REVEAL

Title: Coming Home (California Dreaming Book 4)
Author: Stacey Johnston
Release Date: July 31st, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense

The day Peyton Jessop walked into my life I was six years old. 

I’d spent that whole summer wondering if anyone would ever move into the creepy old Barkley house next door to me. Just before school started I watched as a van pulled up, and a browned hair little girl clutching a stuffed bear climbed out. 

Peyton was feisty and fun to be around, but her life at home was troubled. 

That brown haired girl weaved her way into my heart. She was supposed to be my ever after. 

Well ……. that was the plan until her mother died, and her father ripped her away from me. 

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Five years prior…… 


“Promise me Luke,” Payton shouts from the passenger’s window of her father’s car, whilst it slowly moves away from the kerb. “Promise you’ll wait for me to come back,” she screams, tears streaming down her beautiful face. 

A heavy hand on my shoulder and my father’s voice in my ear telling me it’s for the best and to come inside confirms two things for me. One – they really are taking my girl away from me forever and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it, and two – my father is involved somehow. The child inside of me stamps its feet defiantly, wanting to hold its ground and protest. I don’t know how my father is involved, but I would bet on my life that him and my mother are somehow. My eyes shred more than a few tears as I watch them drive away and just before I turn to follow my father, I silently promise her I will. 

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for Peyton Jessop. She has been the air I breathed and a part of my soul since we were children. I love that girl so much, it feels as though my heart is being ripped from my chest knowing I will probably never see her again. A nagging voice deep inside of me is screaming, telling me I’ve always loved her. I don’t know if that’s true, but looking back there was something about her that stood out. She has been my everything since the day she moved into the old Barkley house next door when we were six years old. 

What am I supposed to do now? 

How am I supposed to live without her? 

Stacey Johnston resides in one of the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia with her husband, four children and a lovable Alaskan malamute called Storm. Her days are spent working as a fulltime mum and office manager. Somewhere in between she finds time to co – own The Books and Boys Book Blog and B&B Promotions. Her hope is that other readers love her characters as much as she does. Stacey’s wish is that they are caught up in their stories, experiencing their joy and pain just as she has over the years.

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