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TRIFECTA by N.M. Catalano
Publishing:  May 11th – No Pre-Order
Romantic Erotica Suspense RomCom Short Story

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“There are a shit ton of feels in this little book!”
“The love and intimacy they share and how they express it is so pure, so beautiful!”
“OMG!  So naughty, and sexy, and beautiful!!!”
TRIFECTA, a Novella
Her name is Summer Hollingsworth.
His name is Rocco "Rock" Silva. He's her boyfriend.
My name is Samuel “Snake” Priest, and I’m her lover.
I bet you’re wondering if he knows about it.
I bet you’re wondering if Rock approves of it.
I bet you’re wondering if we're together.
Why, you ask?
How, you ask?
When, you ask?
That is what you’re thinking, right?
Because that’s how we want it.
Any way we can.
Any time we please.

Yeah, it's....different.
We're different.
Summer was an heiress on the run.
Me and Rock?
Rock and I are part of The Program, an organization that as far as the world is concerned doesn't exist.
We're your worst nightmare.
Or so we thought.

We did something. Or didn't. Now it's time to pay.
They're sending the Grim Reaper to collect.
He's taking everyone with him.

**18+, very strong sexual content, very strong language, MFM, a little MMF. Suspense, RomCom, intended for mature audiences**

“A Present” Teaser
Whatever they’ve got planned, even though it’s punishment, I know it’s going to be incredible.
“What now?” I ask.
“Now,” Rock begins, but he doesn’t move from where he’s standing, “you’re going to lay across the table.”
A tremor slithers through me.
I love that table.  It’s the first place he made me come by only slapping my sex.  It’s the first place all four of them had me together.  I’ve been breakfast, lunch, or dinner on it more times than I count there.
Both of them grin slyly at me.  They know what I’m thinking, they’re thinking it too.
Without a word, I climb up on the polished wooden plank tabletop and get on my back, my ass hanging off one end, my head the other.  My body’s vibrating with excitement and need.  
Snake glides his palm over the rounded top of his erection, then down the shaft.
“Do you have it Rock?” his voice is smooth and low.
That makes me tremble.
What’s he talking about?
“Yeah,” Rock digs his hand into his pocket, then hands Snake whatever he pulled out.  “Put them on her.”
A grin explodes across Snakes handsome face, crowned by his short platinum blonde hair.
My heart rate just kicked up a notch and my breathing got faster.  
As Snake slowly approaches me, his piercing gaze never leaving my eyes, I can’t make out what he’s holding.  Standing by my head, his erection just an inch from my face, Snake grips one of my nipples.
“A present for you, Tinkerbell.”

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