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Title: Love On the Malecon Series: Love On #1 Author: Aubrey Parr Genre: contemporary romance


In the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta, there is a magical oceanfront promenade known as the Malecon.
As a tribute to her father’s life, Nicole James travels to his favorite place on Earth. On the cobblestone streets of charming Puerto Vallarta, she meets Derek, an ex-MMA fighter who invested his winnings into land for luxury hotels. Derek is fabulously wealthy, aging like fine wine, and lives on resorts like an endless vacation. Could her father have orchestrated this chance meeting with Mr. Right from beyond the grave?
Derek Stone never thought a woman would fit into the world he created, until Nicole came along. She’s beautiful, smart, and sexy. More importantly, she has no idea of his money. Derek has taken care of himself for his entire life. He’s not used to trusting anyone. Can he tear down his walls and let Nicole inside?


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Sneak Peek

He closed the door behind him and headed for the staircase. As he came back into the lobby, he could see that the office door was open. He made eye contact with Silvia. Shit,” he whispered. She looked pissed. Of course, the fact that he was shirtless wasn’t going to help the situation. He hoped she’d stay in the office and fester about it rather than come out and make a scene in front of the entire hotel. But she stood up, so he cracked his neck and braced for the latter. Silvia was small but she was tough. He had seen her temper on occasion. She stormed over to him and hit his arm. What do you think you’re doing?” Silvia, this isn’t the place.” I don’t care, pendejo!” He lifted an eyebrow at her, knowing she had just called him an asshole. It was that blond bitch, wasn’t it? I heard you two hung out for hours the other day, even after I left. Didn’t waste any time, did you?” He realized this was going to be a mess. He couldn’t care less what she said to him. Was she stupid enough to say something to Nicole? She was still a paying customer. He hadn’t thought to tell Nicole about Silvia and now he wished he had. What would Nicole think if Silvia found her before he had a chance to explain? He contemplated going back up to the room immediately, then figured he’d try to talk to Silvia first. We aren’t together anymore,” he told her, I’m not doing anything wrong.” I know about your little rule, you idiota,” she yelled. Well, I broke it,” was all he could think to say. He didn’t have time for this shit. He needed to get changed to meet Gael, so he took his phone out of his pocket and called the general manager. He could hear Silvia going on in a mixture of English and Spanish, but did his best to tune her out. Hi, Victor, it’s Derek…There is a guest here. I want to make sure that Silvia has absolutely no contact with her. Her job depends on it. Yes, she’s the one…yes, I know you told me this would happen…gracias.” He shoved the phone back in his pocket. He looked down at Silvia, trying to show her that he was not kidding. You leave her alone. You do not speak to her. Your job depends on it,” he repeated. He waited for a response, but she just turned around, stomped back into the office, and slammed the door like a child throwing a fit.


Author bio

Aubrey Parr waited until  she was forty to publish her first novel. Although she received her Master’s in Accounting, Aubrey always knew that she wanted to write. She was inspired by her great-uncle, author Evan S. Connell. She lives with her husband and daughter outside of Chicago, Illinois and is currently writing book 3 of her Love on… series. When Aubrey isn’t writing, she can be found with a book in her hand.


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