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I Wanna Text You Up by Teagan Hunter Release Blitz & REVIEW

Title: I Wanna Text You Up
Author: Teagan Hunter
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 1, 2018 
When I put up a ROOMMATE WANTED poster, he was the last person on earth I thought would respond.
He was also the last person on earth I’d agree to let live with me…on purpose.
But, here we are—roommates. I’m certain we can coexist without it being awkward, and I’m determined to make it work. There will be no sexual tension building with each accidental touch, no flutters when he wears that stupid backward baseball cap, and definitely no flirting when we text back and forth.
Caleb Mills can’t be the guy for me. He’s my best friend’s ex-boyfriend.
And that would be wrong…right?


“I Wanna Text You Up was an incredibly sweet, sexy, hilarious, and highly entertaining standalone romantic comedy, and I absolutely loved it!” - Julia - *The Romance Bibliophile*

“I Wanna Text You Up was a sweet, sexy and hilariously laughable romantic comedy.” - Aurora *Whoo Gives A Hoot*

“Ms. Hunter definitely has a way with words and has easily become one of my favorite authors!” - Amanda Mann *Rabid Readers Book Blog*

Monique Cashmere 

I Wanna Text You UpI Wanna Text You Up by Teagan Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had high expectations when I saw this book was going to be released. I mean, have you read Let’s Get Textual? Yes, then I’m sure you did too. If not, jump on that baby now! My point is I’m extremely happy with I Wanna Text You Up and here’s why. I’m a huge rom-com fan, and even though the humor part was slightly less than LGT, there was awesome banter. Zoe and Caleb get to know each other on a deeper level with their texts as room mates, and their texting is so flirty. Dare I say it....... flexting! For this to work, and work well, you need it to be whimsy with a bit of jest, some wisecracks and plenty of sarcasm. I feel Hunter knows her stuff, she is excellent with the banter.

Now let’s discuss the characters. Zoe is the ultimate best friend. She is also a great roomie, just don’t ask her to cook dinner. She comes from a loving background and this helps her be a compassionate friend/girlfriend. And if you are good, she will bake for you! Top of Caleb’s list is Zoe’s cookies, and I mean the bake goods variety. He is a hard working senior trying to keep his head above water while juggling 5 things at once. He is out to prove he can make it from a trailer park if you set your mind to it, even if certain people want to keep you back. I loved this about him. He always wanted to do what’s right, even if it made his life more difficult. That’s a quality I admire.

I enjoyed the inescapable build up with this pair. I feel this made it more authentic and a stronger bond between them. I think the ending was a little rushed for me. Maybe it was me reading too quickly or wanting to know more about them but it was over before I was ready to give them up. Is this a bad thing, no - always leaving them wanting as they say.

*I am grateful for the copy provided by the author for my honest opinion.
**Reviewed by Monique for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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Melinda Lazar 

I Wanna Text You UpI Wanna Text You Up by Teagan Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I Wanna Text You Up by Teagan Hunter

This is only the second book written by Hunter that I’ve read and I quite enjoyed it. Considering the previous book I’d absolutely devoured was Let’s Get Textual, I was expecting much of the same kind of humor and romance. Butttttt I didn’t get that here and I’ll explain why.

The romance and relationship progression in I Wanna Text You Up is spot-on. Given that Zoe finds herself interested in and developing feelings for her best-friend and ex-roomies ex-boyfriend, she had to make some decisions and they were not made lightly. I love that Hunter acknowledged the difficulty Zoe would have had in that circumstance and did not simply rush her into a relationship with Caleb simply to speed the story along. Zoe is an ideal heroine and that was a fact I was well aware of having read LGT: she’s a strong character with a huge heart, an amazing friend, and has a delightful sense of smart-assery and humor. I was also quite fond of Caleb: he’s a real sweetheart, has a strong sense of loyalty, and can banter with the best of them. Zoe and Caleb were definitely made for each other - they complemented each other well and each gave as good as they got. I particularly enjoyed the text exchanges because they were witty but also because it gave us a bit more of Caleb’s thoughts.

Overall, a good, solid read although low on the comedy aspect in my opinion.

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.

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