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The Praetorian by Dawn L. Chiletz RELEASE TOUR

Title: The Praetorian: a Reality TV Novel
Author: Dawn L. Chiletz
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: February 23, 2018 
Prae·to·ri·an /prēˈtôrēən/- a skilled warrior serving as the personal guard of a Roman Emperor. 
Bad-boy rock star Roman Creed keeps his secret locked behind a door. 
When Seamore Productions offers to find him a new bodyguard through a reality TV show, Roman reluctantly agrees. He needs some good press and better security. The last thing he expects is a beautiful, curious cop to get under his skin and into his past. Why can’t he stop thinking about her? 
Tough-as-nails detective Reed Manning keeps her secret locked away in her mind. 
After being suspended from the police force, she considers trying out for the show. She’s supposed to keep her eye on the cash prize, but her potential boss captures her attention. What is he so desperately trying to hide? 
When a single decision can change a life-
Never let your guard down.

I glance up at the woman in the reflection behind the bar. She looks tired and broken. 
I could get fired over this. I should be. I was wrong. I’ve had perps push my buttons before, but not like him. For the first time in my life, I consider the fact that I don’t deserve to wear a badge. Maybe I’m not cut out for this job after all. 
The TV in the corner goes dark. I’d think they lost signal if not for the dramatic music that begins. The TV flips to what looks to be men dressed in full armor going into battle. The clips are brief, interspersed with darkness, but I recognize the music. It’s “Returns the King” from the movie 300. My asshole boyfriend, two asshole boyfriends ago, loved the gladiator type movies. I remember 300 because I drooled over Gerard Butler through the entire thing. He’s hot as fuck.
Something’s different with the music, though. There’s electric guitar dispersed throughout. When the drums finally kick in, you see a line of Roman warriors marching toward a throne made out of silver guitars with a black leather seat. Someone is standing in front of it wearing a black cape, his back turned to them. The cape is being blown around by what seems to be the wind and under it you see tight leather pants and black combat boots. He raises one tattooed, muscular arm and they all stop. He turns and all you see are his crystal blue eyes surrounded by smudged dark eyeshadow and a pierced nose. The camera pans out farther and you see his face. He smirks and the words The Praetorian appear, followed by Coming Soon.
Goosebumps shoot up my arms. I can’t stop staring at the screen even after the baseball game continues.
Movement in the corner of my eye pulls me out of my trance.
“You okay?” the bartender asks. He’s drying a glass with a towel and is trying to hide a smile. I must have looked ridiculous.
“Don’t tell me that’s the first time you’ve seen those ads. I swear I’ve seen them all like fifty times,” he says with a twinkle in his eyes. He seems excited by them.
“I don’t watch much TV. What’s it for?”
“Seamore Productions is doing a new reality show, and this time they’re looking for a bodyguard for Roman Creed.”
“Roman Creed?” I feel like I should know the name, but I don’t.
His mouth drops open as if I shocked the breath out of him. “You don’t know Roman Creed?”
I lift my eyebrows, purse my lips, and shake my head. “No clue.”
“The lead singer of Core Damage? They won a Grammy for their album Annihilation a few years ago?”
“Oh, yeah. Sure.” I pretend I know it because I want him to drop it. Core Damage sounds vaguely familiar, but I’m more into country music.
“It looks like it’s going to be kickass. It’s by the same company that did The Fabulist. Remember that show?”
“I do.” That’s not a lie. I watched it. I found the lying challenges fascinating.
“Same thing. They’re holding tryouts next week, here in LA. Pete, my bouncer, is going to audition.”
“Sounds cool,” I say and toss thirty bucks on the counter. “That enough?” 
“Too much.”
I briefly consider taking some cash back but leave it. It’ll be my last careless purchase until I get my life back in order.
“The winner gets a job and $100,000,” he adds as I make my way to the door.
I stop in my tracks, turning my head back to him. One hundred thousand just made this a little more interesting. Maybe even life-changing. Gazing up at the TV and then back to the bartender, I lean on the bar. “What do I have to do?”

The Praetorian by Dawn L. Chiletz

Monique Cashmere 

The PraetorianThe Praetorian by Dawn L. Chiletz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow oh Wow, this is one mixed bag of goodness right here! A rocker, a hot cop, mystery stalker, secrets and lots of suspense all coming together on a reality TV show. I was definitely compelled from the very beginning, it had me at the dedication. I can normally work out early on who is be the bad guy, but in this case, I got it wrong, and I love that I did because it wasn’t predictable. 

Roman Creed has a secret, Reed Manning has a secret too and they also have a troubled past. Each wants to leave it all behind and get on with the job at hand, but they both go on the reality TV show for different reasons. Roman to find a new bodyguard and Reed to win the prize money to ease her debts. Little did they realize how complexed their involved would be. 

Roman acts like the big Rock Star that he is but deep down it’s just a hard exterior he portrays with a gooey center, a true romantic. He is hot tempered but will go out of his way with kindness for his family and friends. Reed has had a tough upbringing and this is one of the reasons she became a cop. She will put her life on the line to protect her principal. She is strong, loyal and has a tender touch when her wall is down. Together these two were meant to be. They knew it, they felt it, and they breathed it in, their first kiss sealed the deal. 

I can tell a lot of research has gone into this novel and for that I am grateful. It was very authentic and I not only felt like a contestant playing the game but I am up on my bodyguard (EPO) language for my next trivia night. If you have read anything else from this author, then you will get the same feeling to it as the others. If it’s your first, you’re starting with a winner. 

* I am grateful for the copy provided from the author for my honest opinion.
**Reviewed by Monique for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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Dawn L. Chiletz resides in Illinois with her two boys and three dogs. Her love of reading began at a very young age and has continued into adulthood. Armed with a dream from the night before, she sat down at her laptop one day in 2014 and started the words of her first novel, The Contest. She’s been dreaming up new book ideas ever since. When she’s not binge reading or writing you can usually find her on social media avoiding putting away laundry.
To find out more information, including her upcoming signings, please visit her website at: https://www.dawnlchiletz.com

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